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Review: The Flash, Ep. 3 "Things You Can't Outrun"

It’s a testament to just how good The Flash is already that they have me so very invested in what is going to happen to Barry Allen this season.


Review: Gotham, Ep. 5 "Viper"

So now Bruce has a murder wall. sigh. Look, I get it. He’s determined. This is just nonsensical to me because he’s a ten year old. His parents just died.


Walking Dead: "Strangers" Ep. 2 Review

After the tumult that kicked off our fifth season, our group of survivors deserves a moment of respite.


Review: The Flash Ep. 2, "Fastest Man Alive"

Well this last week just rushed by, didn’t it? Okay, I’ll try my best to keep the speed puns to a minimum, they are just so much fun!


Review: Walking Dead Season Premiere

The Walking Dead exploded on screens last night for it’s fifth season premiere, and with it came more brutality than television sees this side of HBO.


Numerous Surprises Make ‘Gone Girl’ Worth Seeing

Of all the books I’ve never read, I’m perhaps most glad to have avoided Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.”


Flash Zooms Onto Screens

The fastest man alive is off and running, a crimson-and-lightning blur of wholesome superhero fun to balance out the dark the rest of the lineup has given us.


Review: "Gotham" Ep. 3

Another week gone by, another large step back for Gotham.


Gotham, Ep. 2: "Selina Kyle" Review

I enjoyed my time in Gotham, but it was more like the second time one visits New York City for me this time around. I saw all the sights the first time, this time I noticed all the not-awesome of it.

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Avett Brothers Rock the AMP

A beautiful, breezy, almost perfect evening on Friday, Sept. 24, the crowd was already in good spirits for the Avett Brothers performance about to be underway.