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Idle Class Magazine Releases Special Edition

The Idle Class Magazine, Arkansas’ newest print and online publication showcasing the arts throughout the entire state, will celebrate the release of its new Legacy Issue on Friday, April 25,


A Defining Evening

By Robert Laurence Weltschmerz (VELT-schmerts) n. Anguish caused by the perceived difference between what the world is and what it ought to be. Common in teenagers. [German: “world pain”]. Connote

Advice Risa's Astrology

Cardinal Grand Cross in the Sky

This Grand Cross leads up to vast unprecedented political, social, economic change and instability in the next three years. Before the new world can emerge, greed and corruption within our

Cover Story

Mobile Apps for Social Good

By Terrah Baker Technology seems to have a lot of downfalls — E-waste, toxic conditions for laborers, rising prices — but if we learn to take advantage of the technology,

Advice Advice Goddess

Six-Month Lay Away

By Amy Alkon For my New Year’s resolution, I committed to not having sex for the first six months of the year and then another six months from whenever I


THURSDAY, April 10 Chelsea’s, Eureka Springs: 9 p.m., Bloody Ol’ Mule & the Poorhouse Millionaires Club Push, Fayetteville: 9 p.m., Karaoke; 10 p.m., EDM with local DJs George’s Majestic Lounge,

Advice Risa's Astrology

Aries Solar Festival, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Restoration & Resurrection By Risas D’Angeles Sunday is Palm Sunday. Symbolizing victory and triumph, paradise, sacrifice and martyrdom, the Pisces World Teacher entered Jerusalem (City of Peace) on a donkey

Making Ripples

Climate Change Consensus: Fact or Belief?

I don’t believe in climate change. That’s because science, unlike religion, does not require faith in something with a lack of hard evidence. Nobody can “believe” in science, but we


Bottle Rocket Gallery Hosts Participatory Painting

Staff Report In April, Bottle Rocket Gallery will sponsor two art events in Fayetteville. On April 18, a performance/installation by Quintin Rivera Toro will be presented at the gallery in

8 Days a Week

Experiencing God

There are many ways to “experience God,” said local yoga instructor and spiritual teacher, Matthew Gibbons. He wouldn’t call himself a teacher, as he rejects most labels, even during his