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Feb. 21 Okhotsk — 8 p.m. tape release, with Moldilocks, Zero Mountain, and A Salty Salute. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5. The Jimmy Steve — 7 p.m., Brick Street Brews, Rogers. Drifters

Making Ripples

Changing weather patterns may be blamed

Northwest Arkansas once had four distinct seasons. Now, we have unpredictable weather patterns that sometimes bring more rain than usual or less snow than average over many years. Winter has

Male Call

Pink pants for the modern man

Q. I’m not saying it’s me, but let’s just say I know someone whose wife bought him a pair of pink jeans, and they fit him really well.  What could

Risa's Astrology

…. Of Love A Bit More Careful….

Valentine’s Day this year is quite mysterious. The moon is in Scorpio. So, the gift of Valentine’s day may be quite hidden. The Scorpio moon touches Venus, Mercury, Jupiter &

Cover Story

Designers bring new life to reclaimed materials

In the post-hurricane Caribbean, the inhabitants of “Once on This Island” find their home strewn with trash and other discarded debris that has washed in from the ocean. Tony Award

In The News

Fayetteville commission mulls vacation rental regulations

There should be a distinction in city code between the two types of short-term rentals, but other aspects of a proposed regulation need closer examination, Fayetteville Planning commissioners agreed Feb.


‘In The Book Of’ weighs who, how to be American

One of the most divisive election years in history was officially kicked off — with rampant chaos — in Iowa this week. The political environment of the United States is


Singer-songwriter returns to fated path

Sean Harrison was raised in the heart of a creative environment. His dad was novelist William Neal Harrison, who established the Creative Writing Program at the University of Arkansas. “I


From 1619 To Now: Exhibit considers race as challenge, inspiration

The first words on The 1619 Project website are profound: “1619 is not a year that most Americans know as a notable date in our country’s history. Those who do