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Beauty And Darkness

Opera Fayetteville dives in to contemporary drama BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Dark Sisters,” selected by Opera Fayetteville for its eighth season, can be as deep as audiences wish to delve. Musical

Male Call

Don’t sweat sweaters at the office

Q. I get cold easily and the thin windows in my office do not help, so I often wear sweaters to my fairly formal work. Sweaters are standard for many


Writing, Rocking And Rollin’

Texas icon back at George’s LAURINDA JOENKS NWA Democrat-Gazette “After all these years, I have quite a few things in my arsenal,” 72-year-old Ray Wylie Hubbard says at being referred

Making Ripples

Ground Zero

Environmentalist throws nothing away AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples This year marks the 10th anniversary of Rose Brown’s Zero Garbage Challenge. Rose ceremonially threw away her last bag of garbage on

Maker Space

Housewarming Gifts

T2’s new home ‘lures the public inside’ LARA JO HIGHTOWER If you look out of the wide, west-facing plate glass window on the third floor of TheatreSquared’s new, state-of-the-art,

In The News

Fresh Faces

WAC boasts Broadway season like none before JOCELYN MURPHY There isn’t necessarily a theme to the Walton Arts Center’s new Broadway lineup, but looking at the shows just announced


Bluegrass, Newgrass And More

Trout Steak Revival promises ‘unique perspectives’ BECCA MARTIN-BROWN It’s never easy for a musician to describe what he does. Ask Casey Houlihan, bass player and vocalist for Denver-based Trout

Cover Story

Good Versus Evil

APT’s ‘Stupid Kid’ offers a lot to think about BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Too bad you can’t see “Stupid Kid” without the “hard R-rated” language. But don’t let it scare you


Three Minutes, Three Questions: Architect Joe Weishaar

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Born and raised in Fayetteville, Joe Weishaar remembers standing on the Champs Elysees in Paris as a University of Arkansas student and thinking, “What in the world