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The Excusable Vice

There is an undeniable and indelible connection between the artistic endeavors of the world and use of illicit substances.

Making Ripples

Arkansas Homegrown Music Festival Models Sustainability

A lifestyle that makes a difference or avoids unnecessary harm doesn’t have to be boring or excessively challenging.

Legacy Archive

The Wesak Festival, Buddha Full Moon

Many years ago in the early 1970s I encountered an article in an alternative paper with symbols and shapes used for a festival called Wesak.

Advice Goddess

Are We Having Funding Yet?

Lack of money is the root of many arguments. So, sure, the same couple are likely to be happier if the island they can afford to “winter” on is one in the middle of the South Pacific, as opposed to one in the middle of a four-lane highway.


Late To The Party For ‘Hamilton’

On May 12, 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda was invited to speak at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and Spoken Word.


All Eyes on the Tea Party Ten

Republican obstructionism is so hot right now, especially so for ten Arkansas Tea Party senators.

Making Ripples

Intellectual Honesty Makes A Big Difference

Perhaps one of the most powerful things anyone can do for the world is to be completely honest about what they can and can’t do to make a difference.

Legacy Archive

Arkansas’ Gender Wage Gap Costs The State’s Women Billions, Study Finds

On average, Arkansas women employed full time, year round are paid just 78 cents for every dollar paid to men — a yearly pay gap of $8,755.


Naked and … afraid?

Cassie Turner recently found out she can do anything through pure will and stubbornness, including survive three weeks in the wilderness of Canada without food, shelter or clothing.


Performance Art Festival to Feature International and Local Artists

Northwest Arkansas will soon be host to its first-ever performance art festival featuring 28 artists from as far as China and as close as Fayetteville. It’s also going to be completely free.