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Last Saturday Puts Variety Back In Variety Show

  By Terrah Baker The Last Saturday of the month is no longer just another day in the weekend, thanks to the collaboration of local artists, performers and a great

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Harvest Fest Brings Charity To Mulberry Mountain

Food Collected By National Nonprofit For Local Food Banks By Terrah Baker Everyone who’s been, or heard about Harvest Festival held on Mulberry Mountain in Northwest Arkansas knows it’s full

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What's In The Water?

“The key [CAFO’s] success lies not only with the concentration in one operation but in the close proximity of more like them. Those concentrations are the key to the demise

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Dickey Farms Offers Pumpkins, Research, Farm Experience

  By Terrah Baker David Dickey said some of his first, and fondest, memories are wandering through his dad’s organic garden in California before he was five. He didn’t know

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Benefit Dinner To Celebrate Local, Share Global

Local Organization Helps Support Exiled, Organic Tibetan Farmers By Terrah Baker Pennies for Partnerships started as a fundraising entity to support already existing programs in the exiled Tibetan communities now

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Libra – Contemplating the Path of Return

  Transition Town News — Rob Hopkins, founder of International Transition Movement, on a rare tour of the U.S., visits San Francisco area, Oct. 10-12; Los Angeles area Oct 13-14

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Social Notworking

By Amy Alkon My 40-something younger brother has been “friending” my hot female friends on Facebook, women I have befriended in real life whom he’s never even met! I said


The Butterfly Effects

By Rachel Birdsell In a few days, I will turn 45. I gave up big celebrations for my birthday many years ago; although I’m not beyond turning down a piece

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Earthbag Building Worldwide

By Amanda Bancroft Ever have a doppelganger? Ripples has those, too. We’ll be innocently shopping for groceries or browsing Facebook when there they are — like-minded groups who build with


Saving Money Makes ¢ents

Saving money makes sense. I also know I should get out of bed when the alarm goes off. But the snooze button wins that battle. Starting in October, Fayetteville Public