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Chance And Howling At The Red Sky

After college, I worked for a rogue Houston branch of the recently investigated and presidency-threatening activist group ACORN. We solicited monetary commitments from low-income residents with a script about how we would organize neighbors to fight the city to tear down abandoned buildings, clear boulevards of prostitutes and round up packs of stray dogs.

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CD compilation to benefit Ride to the End

There’s another CD compilation that may interest residents: “Peace From The Hills.” This 23-track recording of local musical acts and poets was created to help benefit Ride to the End, a group of veterans and activists who are riding bicycles around the U.S. “until the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan ends.”

Advice Advice Goddess

Extremely Old Spice

Last year, an 80ish married man — a member of my literary club — called me, confessed his passion for me and begged me to have a romantic dinner with him. I reluctantly made plans to meet “Romeold” for coffee, intending to let him down gently. He took this “date” as a green light to e-mail me a lurid “fictional” story — a detailed blueprint for the affair he wanted us to have.


No Hunting Cactus Leaves, Please

Read your column in the Village Voice and am hoping you can help me: I think I have a Mexican problem. In short, I have a home in sunny California on a property with an abundance of agave cactus and Century plants growing along the street.


Quarterback Queue

Ryan Mallett, the junior quarterback for the Razorbacks, declared that he will be vying for a spot in the next NFL draft. Only three credits away from graduation, it is a peak time for this seasoned college quarterback to take on the next level of his career. Mallett says he will finish his final class online to receive a degree from the University of Arkansas.

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Horoscopes: Jan. 6-12

Thursday is Epiphany (Greek for “revelation”), Three Kings Day, the day the Three Astrologer Magi Kings found the Holy Child in the stable, offered gifts of gold, frankincense & myrrh (gifts given to Apollo).


Quest Of The Holy Catfish

I’ll go to catfish restaurants throughout the year (hopefully, you’ll help by suggesting some places) searching for that catfish dinner that has me speaking in tongues and slapping everybody’s momma.


2011: Year Of The Broke Gamer

This is going to be the year when video games win. You won’t have time to play them. You won’t be able to afford them. You’re going to be completely overwhelmed by the number of four-star titles coming out in 2011.