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Is Occupy Wall Street a Socialist Movement?

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In a Bill O’Reilly segment, the commentator accused Occupy Wall Street of opposing capitalism, citing the outrage protesters have expressed over “distribution of wealth.” “Wealth is not distributed in America. You either earn it, steal it, inherit it. Or win the lottery. There’s no distribution. Many Americans simply don’t understand what’s at stake here. The…

Plutocracy and Corporate Personhood

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By Blair Jackson Editor It’s important to remember Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement, not a political organization or even a task force. What is happening in America right now is a very raw, emotional expression from middle- and lower-class Americans who feel like they’ve gotten a bum deal. There are also, of course,…

The People Behind the Protest

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By Blair Jackson Editor Occupy Wall Street began almost a month ago, when a few hundred protesters declared an occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City. Critics scoffed at the group’s disorganization, its lack of demands, and the illegitimacy of the disenfranchised youth who stood at its foundation. The root of the protesters’ concern…