Making Ripples

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Amanda Bancroft

By Amanda Bancroft A long time ago, living a sustainable lifestyle meant that I had to give up delicious goodies at almost every holiday and live as a hypocrite, nibbling on peanut butter pumpkins, Christmas-colored candies, dark chocolate hearts, and mini chocolate eggs in secret. With my lust for chocolate speeding my fingers across the…

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of HARVEST FEST!

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Harvest Fest

By Anna VanHorn Set in the immaculate Ozark Mountains, the Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival is an event like no other. Sure, it’s a music and camping festival, and there are tons of those. Still, there’s something special about this one. Taking place Thursday, Oct. 11, through Sunday, Oct. 14, this is the perfect…

Bullies Exploit E-World’s Anonymity

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By Joyce Hale Today’s electronic devices are becoming the tools of choice with modern day bullies. For those who were not brave enough to publicly torment a student at their locker or a co-worker at the water-cooler, cyberbullying has appeal. Electronic communications are increasingly available to younger, technically capable students and readily available at an…