Celebrate The Senses In Eureka Springs

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Staff Report Fleur Delicious Weekend is a Celebration of all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in the historic village of Eureka Springs. It is a French-themed weekend in which restaurants, bars, art galleries, boutiques, spas, and music venues participate with French inspired indulgences in food, wine, spirits, art, entertainment and luxe galore….

Inspiring Children To Write

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Staff Report The acclaimed and award winning performance poet, and Fayetteville resident, Clayton Scott, travels throughout Arkansas using poetry to teach creative writing and presentation skills in a weeklong residency for schools. After ranking in the top 10 percent of slam poets in the world in 2002, Scott was asked by Marc Smith, the innovator…

Toys in the Attic Director Calls Fayetteville Home

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Staff Report Toys in the Attic, with voice actors like Forest Whitaker and Joan Cusack, has received wild acclaim for its creativity with stop-action cinematography among the characteristics to be admired. Vivian Schilling is a resident of Fayetteville and served as director, producer and screenplay adapter of the film released Sept. 7 in theatres locally…

Making It

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“You can’t do guerilla gardening in broad daylight or you’ll get spotted,” says Zelda as she throws a pair of work gloves over a shrub. She and her friend, Esther, are ditching the school dance to have an adventure — one that ultimately falls short of Zelda’s expectations. Fayetteville local Mary Kate Wiles plays Zelda,…