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The Psychology of Consumerism

And Why It’s Making America Unhappy and In Debt By Terrah Baker It’s the holiday season. Which in past years has meant uninhibited spending and credit debt. Today, one benefit

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Harvest Fest Brings Charity To Mulberry Mountain

Food Collected By National Nonprofit For Local Food Banks By Terrah Baker Everyone who’s been, or heard about Harvest Festival held on Mulberry Mountain in Northwest Arkansas knows it’s full

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U.S. Policy Breads New Generation of Threats To National Security

Some Relevant Numbers: 12 years in Afghanistan, 10 years in Iraq 100’s of American bases in the Middle East 5 mega-bases expected to be left after drawdown 50,000 U.S. contractors

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That’s Tax-Free?

By Tanya Giraldo The 2013 Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday is just around the corner and a couple of questions arise when looking at the detailed list of tax-free items. What

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House of Blurbs

Phil Sees No Shadow According to the website of the Groundhog Club out of Punxsutawney, Pa., the following poetic proclamation was announced on their website Feb. 2: Punxsutawney Phil, the

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Free Tibet NOW!

By Claire Ala Political, social and religious Freedom is not something everyone is lucky enough to have. China encroaches on the Nation of Tibet and its peoples’ culture. Innocent people

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Getting ‘Green’ Things Done For America

Climate change is widely accepted as a reality facing our country, particularly affecting the way we utilize and think about the United States’ energy usage and resources.

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It Does The Body Good

Sixteen moms and 20 breastfed babies from Northwest Arkansas gathered at Terra Tots on School Avenue in Fayetteville last Thursday to show their support for breastfeeding — something that is natural, beneficial and fun, said several of the women.

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Columnist Honored As Dragon Slayer

The Arkansas Citizens First Congress and Arkansas Public Policy Panel honored Joyce Hale of Fayetteville with the Brownie Ledbetter Dragon Slayer Award during an event June 23 at the 4-H

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Sidewalk Work To Cause Traffic Delays

Fayetteville will begin work on a new sidewalk along the north side of Lawson Street. The project will begin at Porter Road and extend east approximately 520 feet to complete