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Damn Arkansan Releases New Album With Same Old Flair

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Staff Report The members of Damn Arkansan aren’t just creative musicians, combining new-age eccentricities with old-school country tones. They also have a sense of humor. With a new album coming out including some great songs with original lyrics that draw you into the sound and keep your interest peeked, they’re showing it all off. We…

Big Bad Gina Tributes Women’s Music, Community and Earth

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Big Bad Gina

Album Release Party: Saturday, July 13 Teatro Scarpino Doors at 7:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Staff Report Big Bad Gina is one of those bands that makes a statement with their talent, originality and presence. They’ve been touring the country after winning national recognition for their musical performances, playing with well-known artists like the…

An Alternative Music Gem

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The Fayetteville music scene has always had its hidden gems. What rises to the top in our small town music scene is usually a dressed up imitation of something nostalgic or already geared towards mass consumption. With instant access and information overload, most musicians have become sterile waiting rooms of irony — you listen but you tune out because the words have nothing to do with your life. As music critics have pointed out, regional music scenes are on the way out.