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Big Bad Gina Tributes Women’s Music, Community and Earth

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Big Bad Gina

Album Release Party: Saturday, July 13 Teatro Scarpino Doors at 7:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Staff Report Big Bad Gina is one of those bands that makes a statement with their talent, originality and presence. They’ve been touring the country after winning national recognition for their musical performances, playing with well-known artists like the…

An Alternative Music Gem

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The Fayetteville music scene has always had its hidden gems. What rises to the top in our small town music scene is usually a dressed up imitation of something nostalgic or already geared towards mass consumption. With instant access and information overload, most musicians have become sterile waiting rooms of irony — you listen but you tune out because the words have nothing to do with your life. As music critics have pointed out, regional music scenes are on the way out.