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Q&A: Dopapod

By Nick Brothers |
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Dopapod is (from left to right) Eli Winderman (keyboards), Rob Compa (guitar), Scotty Zwang (drums), Chuck Jones (bass) and Luke Stratton (sound and lights, not pictured). The band has been gigging progressive jam sets for five years.

Boston-based Dopapod will be straight jammin’ up a blend of prog-rock electro funk this Tuesday at George’s Majestic Lounge. If those descriptors seemed kinda out there, that’s because they are. Dopapod is likely to be one of the most unique and “far out” groups in the music scene today. The band has played just about…

Q&A: Shook Twins at Fayetteville Roots Festival

By Nick Brothers |

While the Fayetteville Roots Fest last week featured a few artists that played traditional folk styles in music with traditional folk instruments, there was one group that stood out from the rest. They were the Shook Twins. Renown for their “quirky folk” style, the two identical (yes, imagine interviewing them) twin sisters Katelyn and Laurie…