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Demographics May Favor Democrats – Someday

By James A. Haught |

For years, researchers have predicted that changing U.S. demographics — the rising tide of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Pacific islanders, city-dwellers, educated women and young people who don’t attend church — will create an unbeatable majority for the Democratic Party. Well, it didn’t quite happen in 2016. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote among all stripes…

The Long, Long Journey to Female Equality

By James A. Haught |
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With the possibility of America’s first woman president looming, it’s appropriate to consider the monumental struggle for gender equality. For millennia, female inferiority was presumed, and mandated, in virtually every human culture. Through most of history, the brawn of heavier males gave them dominance, leaving women in lesser status — often mere possessions of men,…