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Cities Get Green

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By Claire Ala “Green” power results in decreased energy consumption, accompanied by lower utility bills. Green powered cities have a significant impact on society’s carbon footprint. Although many cities are congested with humans, gas guzzling vehicles and skyscrapers, a handful of these overpopulated areas are actually decreasing their energy consumption by using renewable power. Alternative…

Bringing Truth Of KXL Pipeline To The People

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Staff Report KXL Pipeline TruthForce — an alliance of individuals & organizations from across six states and Canada — have come together to present an educational forum for the people of this region about the tar sands mining in the Boreal Forests of Alberta, Canada and transportation of this dangerous tar sands slurry across the…

Dig In! To Local Food Festival

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Arizona, Urban Farmer Shares Water Catchment Secrets Staff Report Dig In! Food and Farming Festival returns to celebrate local food, farms and gardens with films, classes, an information and vendor fair, seed-swap, tastings and more. The now annual festival is organized as a grassroots community event to encourage, inspire, involve and educate people about local…

Solar-Powered Plane To Fly Around World

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Solar Impulse

University Of Arkansas Professor Designs Autopilot System To Keep It In The Air At Night By Mason Carr Robert Saunders, University Of Arkansas electrical engineering instructor, will design an autopilot system for the first solar-powered airplane scheduled to fly around the world in 20 days and 20 nights, making it the first solar-powered plane to…

Walmart Responds to Concerns of Sustainability

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By Mason Carr A University of Arkansas research organization that gathers information on consumer goods’ sustainability has been ranked as one of the top 10 world-changing ideas of 2012. Scientific American recognized the Sustainability Consortium in their December issue as one of the potential “game changers” that are “not pie-in-the-sky notions but practical breakthroughs that…

Healthy Vending Spreading In NWA

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Healthy Vending

Staff Report Fresh Healthy Vending has launched in Northwest Arkansas through franchise owners Dennis and Carla Laing. The Laings currently have 20 Fresh Healthy Vending machines installed throughout the area, and wish to expand by installing additional machines, which offer the option of healthy, natural snacks and beverages such as smoothies, soymilk, fruit, vegetables, yogurt,…