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Out And Proud

When Jeff Walker was growing up in Warsaw, Mo. — a town of about 2,000 about an hour and a half north of Springfield — there were no role models

'Tis the Season

Lights! Santa! Action!

Christmas arrives this weekend ‘Tis the season to celebrate in the four central cities of Northwest Arkansas. Although it may seem to come earlier every year, the holidays officially kick


What Is Modern Yoga, Anyway?

By Brent Miller Yoga, what’s the deal? Well there must be something to it considering that 15 million Americans are spending $27 billion a year on “yoga” products alone. So


Knowledge of Body is Strength in Yoga Instructor

It’s safe to say yoga has become extremely popular in recent years. The Yoga Alliance — the largest U.S. nonprofit organization offering certifications and teacher registries — has pushed out

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Realistic Cinema For Realistic Prices

By Terrah Baker Mike Bertrand was 14 when his dad asked him to fill in for a camera guy at a local TV station in Louisiana. After helping out for

Features In The News

Quality of Life Overview for Arkansas, Washington County

By Terrah Baker It is said that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that it’s there. That’s why each year since 2011 the Arkansas Community Foundation —

Features In The News

The Psychology of Consumerism

And Why It’s Making America Unhappy and In Debt By Terrah Baker It’s the holiday season. Which in past years has meant uninhibited spending and credit debt. Today, one benefit


Fayetteville Places First In Compassion

Staff Report Fayetteville didn’t just take part in the 2013 Compassion Games that were held Sept. 11 – 21; participants exceeded expectations and won first place over large cities like

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U.S. Policy Breads New Generation of Threats To National Security

Some Relevant Numbers: 12 years in Afghanistan, 10 years in Iraq 100’s of American bases in the Middle East 5 mega-bases expected to be left after drawdown 50,000 U.S. contractors

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Btiques Offers Easy Way To Shop Local, National Boutiques

By Terrah Baker It’s your lunch hour on a Thursday, and all you can think about are your plans to go out on the town with friends. Then you realize,