Fashion Week Draws Controversy As Grows, Changes

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Fashion Update

By Terrah Baker What began as a fleeting conversation between boutique owner Jade Terminella and former Celebrate magazine advertise sales person Danielle Davis Vaughan, has become the NWA fashion event of the year in what seems like overnight. After just one year of fashion frenzy and collaboration, their donation goals tripled — from $35,000 to…

BonnerBell Brings New View On Shop Local

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“He wants people to realize the importance of buying locally because he believes knowing what you wear, and where it came from is just as important as being conscious of eating organically.” By Claire Ala A vast collection of Vogue magazines and fashion books line several shelves in Wayne Bonner-Bell’s Fayetteville office. Bonner-Bell, a local…

Bouffants and Beehives: Hair and Makeup as an Art Form

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Fashion Spread 2-2

As fashion director for Artamiss and emerging designer chairperson for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week (NWAFW), I was excited to invite Ali Williams with Boufants and Beehives to show under Artamiss — the local nonprofit supporting local artists of all kinds — for fashion week 2013, because she is so passionate and detailed about her hair…

Urban and Eco-Friendly Styles For November

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Fashion 1-6

We have great options and a wide variety of boutiques to choose from in Fayetteville, from natural earthy wear with a classy feel, available at Good Things Boutique, to urban style with a little edge, available at Something Urban, all affordable and fabulous! Photography By Bob Cochran Styling for Something Urban: Amy White, Melissa Arens…