Bottle Rocket Gallery Hosts Participatory Painting

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Staff Report In April, Bottle Rocket Gallery will sponsor two art events in Fayetteville. On April 18, a performance/installation by Quintin Rivera Toro will be presented at the gallery in Fayetteville, starting at 7 p.m. The second event is a participatory painting directed by Teresa Albor, and will take place at Nightbird Books, 205 W….

Experiencing God

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Experiencing God1

There are many ways to “experience God,” said local yoga instructor and spiritual teacher, Matthew Gibbons. He wouldn’t call himself a teacher, as he rejects most labels, even during his seven years as a Pentecostal minister. While he, personally, still “experiences God” through Jesus Christ, he now accepts and respects many forms of religion and…

Ancient Women’s Tradition Finds New Life

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In ancient cultures like that of Native Americans, Africans, Chinese and Christians, red was a symbolic color of the female strength, mystery and power. Because of this reverence towards womanly things, in many cultures, women were separated from men while menstruating and giving birth. The Red Tent was one of the hideaways that women in…

Shatner’s World Sure To Surprise, Delight Fans

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William Shatner is almost a world within himself. He doesn’t fit with any traditional, or even many eccentric molds, surprising even his most fervent fans with what projects he comes out with next. To those fans of Shatner and his past work, it seems like quite the honor that the legendary sci-fi TV and movie…

REfreshing Fayetteville With Community-Supported Murals

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By Terrah Baker There’s something that Fayetteville wants, needs, but has had trouble fostering in the past. It’s something that supporters say will brighten the landscapes, express the community spirit and beautify currently run-down locations. Something that can employ creative people, build camaraderie and usher visitors to the heart of Fayetteville. Only one thing fits…

Former Seinfeld Writer Brings Comedic Salute To NWA

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Staff Report Every season, the Walton Arts Center has a few shows that outshine, comedically, the rest. This year, that show stars former Seinfeld writer and one of Showtime’s “five funniest people in America,” and brings a slice of Americana humor to Northwest Arkansas. A salute to the Baby Boomer Generation, The Wonder Bread Years…

Popular, Rescued Bear Touches Grass For First Time

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Since 1992, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) in Eureka Springs has been one of the most popular attractions in Northwest Arkansas. Established as a non-profit, they house some of the worlds rarest creatures all for the sake of saving abandoned and misplaced large cats … and one popular grizzly bear. TCWR will introduce their grizzly…

Last Saturday Puts Variety Back In Variety Show

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  By Terrah Baker The Last Saturday of the month is no longer just another day in the weekend, thanks to the collaboration of local artists, performers and a great space right in downtown Fayetteville. It actually began as an extension of Fayetteville Word Wars, several events hosted by local slam poets — a competition…