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Wake Up And Smell These Coffee Shops

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Doomsday Coffee (1378 N. College Ave.) pushes the coffee envelope with a Snickers Chocolate and Coffee concoction.

LARA JO HIGHTOWER lhightower@nwadg.com Coffee fans — or fiends — rejoice! Fayetteville is up to its eyeballs in independent coffee shops. You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these favorites. Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters WHAT — This venerable coffee company has been a Fayetteville favorite since 1992. Arsaga’s has racked up a slew of awards…

The Food Truck Phenomenon

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The amount of food trucks in the U.S. have been growing “astronomically” over the course of 10 years, said John Gaber, professor of public policy at the University of Arkansas. The most recent burst of mobile vendors have been cropping up at the tail end of the economic recession period of the U.S. economy, and most can be found in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., and now, Fayetteville.

U.S. Grown, Produced Spirits For Holiday Season

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By Terrah Baker Following the fleeing of factory and production jobs overseas in past years, many people are looking for a way to support American infrastructure, especially during the holiday season. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking to entertain guests, or yourself, this holiday season, we may have just the product suggestion. Salute…