When Is a Good Time to be Ignorant?

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Being Ignorant

Commentary by Justin Lloyd As the ole saying goes “there’s a time and place for everything.” It’s always an awkward time when you’re caught saying or doing something out of place for the setting — like being drunk in public, surrounded by onlookers who just aren’t on your level, or like accidentally mentioning a ‘sexcapade’…

80,000 Hours to Give Well

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Amanda Bancroft

By Amanda Bancroft There’s a hot new movement of ripple-makers calling themselves “effective altruists” and gaining attention from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, TED, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. The Stanford Social Innovation Review published an article this month describing effective altruism as “dedicating a significant portion of your time or…

Merry Atheistmas

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TFW RachelPortrait.jpg

“The atheist Christmas, or as we like to call it Atheistmas, starts on Dec. 21 and culminates on the 25th.” By Rachel Birdsell There are people who wonder why I, as an atheist, celebrate Christmas and ask if I have a tree and give presents. In other words, they’re wondering if I celebrate Christmas like…

Solar Schools

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Making Ripples 2

  By Amanda Bancroft The National Resources Defense Council announced last month that their first-ever crowd funding campaign is successfully kicking off their new initiative, called Solar Schools: Powering Classrooms, Empowering Communities. They exceeded their goal of raising $54,000 in just one month, with over 300 supporters nationwide. North Carolina is the first wave of…