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Commentary Making Ripples

Lucky Us!

Good news and climate are strange companions these days, but here they go together: According to the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, “Northwest Arkansas is rich with landscapes that foster climate

Commentary Making Ripples

Spring Is Humming: Bird feeders just one way to attract popular, tiny birds

After some really cold days, the spring season seems to have arrived for good. Nesting birds are already incubating their eggs and feeding newborn nestlings, so be sure your bluebird

Commentary Making Ripples

Making Ripples: “Start Simply”

Making good choices needn’t be complicated It’s understandable. Who wants to make a difference if they will suffer for it? Or be inconvenienced? (Well, some people are willing, but that’s

Commentary Making Ripples

Finders, Keepers

If you enjoy being outdoors, wish you knew more about the plants and animals you see or wish you could share what you know about nature, you should be on

Commentary Making Ripples

Mourning Doves Embody Joy

Birds mate for life, share raising of their young With cooing reminiscent of ocarina wind instruments in “My Neighbor Totoro” and wing beats like a magical pegasus whinnying into the

Commentary Making Ripples

April Showers Bring…

Spring showers remind us of flowers, but they could also remind us to conserve water by capturing it from the sky — with no water bills, no issues with city

Commentary Making Ripples

Non-Natives, Go Home

With all the plant personification going on recently, it’s good to get to know some natives at a time when more people than ever before are thinking of forests as

Commentary Making Ripples

Celebrate Your Achievements

This column has often mentioned what we can do to help people and our planet. But we should also celebrate what we’re currently doing right. As long as we don’t

Making Ripples

Stay Positive

Social media can be used for good AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Facebook status updates have been the brunt of jokes (sharing what you ate for dinner) and the fuel for

Commentary Making Ripples

Money Where Your Mouth Is

It can be challenging just to know how to invest, let alone knowing which options are available. Many people have a certain cause they feel strongly about, and they wish