Cutting Your Party Footprint

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  Summer get-togethers can be sustainably satisfying Summer is a popular time for family reunions, church picnics, grilling outdoors, weddings and other events at parks or venues. Despite all the conventional ways they generate waste or pollution, summer parties don’t have to be unsustainable, and nobody has to be perfect to make a difference. Little…

Sierra Club Calls Trump’s Action ‘Colossal Mistake’

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President Donald Trump announced his intention to renege on the United States’s historic commitment to join 195 nations in a responsible global agreement to limit greenhouse gases. The Paris Climate Accord was agreed to in December 2015 by nearly all of the world’s nations. Today’s withdrawal removes the United States from the vast majority of…

Protect Fayetteville From Trump Church Inc.

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Fayetteville’s new Cross Church has been a persistent chigger, but witnessing construction is unbearably ominous. This church represents a dangerously inverted Christianity. For example, pastor Ronnie Floyd serves as Trump’s evangelical advisor, a president with an agenda of war crimes, environmental destruction and screw-the-poor policies. As many know, the religious right merged with the Republican…

Eco-Friendly Fries

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Photo by Amanda Bancroft
Homegrown lavender sweet potato fries.

Photo by Amanda Bancroft Homegrown lavender sweet potato fries.   Fried foods are delicious, but most people accept that they are treats, not healthy snacks. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce their unhealthy qualities by making them from scratch at home using local, organic ingredients. Homemade fries dispose of the need for disposable…