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Art Takes Flight

It’s butterfly season in the Ozarks AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Butterfly season is in full swing! Patterned wings are fluttering like confetti in sunlit meadows and along rural roads, brushing

Making Ripples

Check Out A Human

International program shares people’s stories AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Stories change people. Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve told stories to help explain natural phenomena, cushion the harshness of death,

Making Ripples

One For All, All For One

Animal lovers help give cats best nine lives AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples As a lover of wildlife and a great admirer of cats, I want to give everyone the best

Making Ripples

Find The Fun

Sometimes a spoonful of sugar does the trick AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Mary Poppins was right. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You

Making Ripples

Can’t Stand The Heat?

Induction cooking might woo you into the kitchen AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Looking for energy savings this summer? While it’s not the easiest, cheapest change to make to one’s home,

Making Ripples

History Offers Lessons

Critical thinking part of the goal AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Without evidence and critical thinking, making a difference becomes murky and sometimes dangerous. Good intentions are a great starting place,

Making Ripples

Best Place To Rest

Organic choices make sleeping easy AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Plenty of people are moving at this time of year. Maybe you just got your first job out of college, or

Making Ripples

No Honey Here

Gardener works to oust invasive species AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Karen Takemoto is a champion of honeysuckle removal, working steadily to liberate her woods near Farmington. “For over 15 years,

Making Ripples

Sustainability Is Sexy

Environmental efforts good for you, too AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Sustainability makes us stronger — both mentally and physically — as we tackle challenging problems like air pollution and tough

Making Ripples

Opportunity Knocks

Sustainable summer fun comes in many flavors AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Summer is almost here, but you don’t have to sacrifice fun and freedom for sustainability and justice. Love has