Agriculture By Accident

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Fayetteville gardeners Steven and Nora Skattebo grew a papaya tree by accident. It bore fruit, which ripened into this.

Papaya just plain luck for Fayetteville gardeners You never know what you’ll find growing in Northwest Arkansas. Many readers of The Free Weekly have prosperous backyard gardens, or even urban farms with chickens, vegetables, fruit orchards and herbs. Adventurous gardeners have grown banana trees and avocados in their homes, and now, Steven Skattebo of Fayetteville has grown…

Autumn Equinox On Horizon

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Canada geese outnumbered people during a snowy day on Thursday Dec. 12 2013 at Lake Atalanta Park in Rogers. Concerned residents want to be involved with planning a renovation of the lake and park.

Season marked by colors, harvests and farewells Our descent into winter’s darkness is contrarily marked by exuberant celebrations throughout nature. Trees explode into brilliant autumn colors and shower the sidewalks with a rainbow layer of fragrant leaves. Ripening orange pumpkins tempt us on their vines. White-tailed deer are entering their rut, running around the countryside…

Choose Wisely

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Invest time, effort in things that matter Students are now back to school, studying what teachers and professors direct them to learn. But we also have the option of learning more and putting knowledge to work for our dreams of a better world. Of the thousands of ways to do that, here are a few…

Summer Night Symphonies

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A cicada hangs from a grass flower Wednesday, June 1, 2011, in Fayetteville. Cicadas can be heard as a loud humming as the 13-year cicada have begun to emerge in the area. Also called the 13-year locust, these periodic cicadas join the species of cicada that we see every year at this time. The call of the male, which is used to attract a mate, can become quite loud where there are large numbers of the insects.

Nature provides free concerts to those willing to hear AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Summer concert season is well under way, and our area offers quite a lot of great, free entertainment like the Gulley Park Concert Series, Botanical Garden events and of course, the big-time ticketed tours at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion. But don’t…