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Graffiti Gets Covered Up, Prevented With Murals

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  By Terrah Baker Graffiti plagues many large cites with bad language, scenes and reminders of violence with signatures of gang members and their turf. Well, Corporal Daniel Montgomery — the Fayetteville police officer in charge of removing graffiti — said Fayetteville has a similar problem, and now they’re using organized art as their tool…

Aqualine: A Renewable Energy Thriller

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Staff Report A new thriller focused on renewable energy by P.K. Brown has just been released by a Maryland-based publishing company, PublishAmerica, whose owners are “fundamentally opposed to issuing contracts that contain any publishing fees,” and “was founded on the premise that a book is worth publication if there are even the seeds of a…

Author Encapsulates Spirit of Dead Actress

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By Cat Donnelly “I’m tired. I’m tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you.” are the words from the suicide note of singer/Tony award-winning actress, Phyllis Hyman. Based on actual events, Meet Me on the Moon by Clinnesha D. Sibley is a one-woman show encapsulating Phyllis’ influences including…

Heisenberg’s Fall Is Coming: Breaking Bad Returns

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By Dane Laborn Walter White’s fall from grace has been one of the most fascinating things to watch. In a television filled up with heroes, Walt’s self-styled Heisenberg has been anything but. Murder, Meth and mayhem follow in his wake, and while his intentions starting out could be considered noble, he is so far past…

The Treasure Of Pleasant Memories

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By Robert Laurence “It is never possible,” writes Fayetteville’s Oda Mulloy in the introduction to her just-published memoir, “it is never possible to close out the past.” Far from closing it out, that memoir, “I Grew Up in a Castle” (Will Hall Books, 2012), opens the past up for author and reader alike, a past…

Princess Series Highlights Lives Of Slave Women

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Princess Series

Fourteen Generations Of Women Guard And Preserve Ancient Culture By Barbara Frank Three novels about the women of one slave family begin with a kidnapping in Africa in the early 18th century. The books offer a window into slave religion in three different time periods, and bear witness to the power of blood ties to…

The Rime Of The Non-Traditionalist

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By Robert Laurence Sometimes Michael Heffernan rhymes: “the idiot” (2013) – night with fright – next with unperplexed. And has for a long time: “Lines from the Interior” (1988) – numbers with slumbers – motivated with exasperated. (And later in this poem, he impishly rhymes rime, as in frost, with rhyme, as in poetry.) But…