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Dark Secrets of American History From Voice Of Girl

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Dark Secrets

Staff Report Dark Secrets” is the first in a series of historical fiction novels, based on the life of Ollie McNew. In early childhood, a grandmother influenced Ollie’s belief in guardian angels and inspired her to heed premonitions as warnings sent by angels. The book begins with Ollie in a semiconscious state, guided by an…

Author Does What Most Won’t, Records It

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Staff Report Michael Crow said the most important thing about his writing is that his books are not about him, but what people can take from the things he’s seen and experienced during his life of adventure. He said he feels both his books, “En Garde” (2011) and “A One Man Guided Tour: Quest for…

Child Migration Revisited in “Orphan Train”

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Writer Allison Moore  02/'2006 © 2006 Allison Moore Russell Cothren

Staff Report One of the largest child migrations — more than 250,000 children between 1854 and 1929 — happened right here in the United States. Children boarded trains in New York City and were, literally, given away at train stations across the country. Alison Moore’s fourth novel “Riders on the Orphan Train” chronicles the experience…

‘Can America Be Saved From Stupid People’: A Review

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Index Stupid People

By Chad Pollock “Can America Be Saved from Stupid People” is a collection of Dave Duffy’s opinion columns for Backwoods Home Magazine, a publication he founded in 1989. The magazine is like Mother Earth News for libertarians and is a strong advocate of pragmatic ideas for how to live a self-sustaining life. I admire this…

‘Spoons’ Memoir Makes Raw Impact

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Austin Coats

Staff Report Austin Coats of Rogers struggled with addiction for years, and then wrote his memoir entitled Spoons Are For Stirring Coffee (2012) about his struggle, that reviewers are calling “eye-opening,” “truly inspiring” and an “amazing story.” The author sat down with us to answer a few questions to give readers some insight into the…

The Helping Wheel

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By Zan Jarvis TFW Contributing Writer What would you do if a disabling illness struck you or a family member? Ginny Masullo of Fayetteville got blindsided when her husband Nick was diagnosed with a fatal nervous system disease. For others in similar straights, she’s written a guide. “It’s just a bare bones guide on how…