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Live At Legacy Album Release

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Special to TFW   The new album release by musician Barrett Baber “Live at Legacy Blues” is what happens when you mix one of Arkansas’ most beloved singer/songwriters and one of Fayetteville’s swankiest clubs, Legacy Blues on Watson Street. The album was recorded at the club on April 13, during the CD release party for…

‘Gravehammer’ Not a Smash Hit

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By Tim Newman TFW Contributing Writer The fourth, independently-released and self-financed album from metal trio Vore, “Gravehammer,” certainly takes a minute to grow on the non-avid listener of metal music. Rest assured, this is more than just unintelligible growling over heavy distortion and seemingly never-ending double bass. The precision of musicianship is something at which…

‘Bad as Me’ Good as Ever

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By Tim Newman TFW Contributing Writer Tom Waits’ 17th studio release, “Bad As Me,” dives further into the experimental blues-rock sound of Waits’ 1999 release, “Mule Variations,” while expanding deeper into the villainous persona created on “Swordfishtrombones” in 1983. Although this is the first release of entirely new material in seven years, “Bad As Me”…

SMiLE, the Wait is Over

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By Mihke Chanay Contributing Writer This is the album that all fans of The Beach Boys have been wanting to hear for the last 44 years. And when I say fans, I mean everyone who would count the 1966 classic “”Pet Sounds”” as one of the greatest albums ever created. Finally we all get to…