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Light in the Darkness – Candles, Prayers, Mantrams & Remembrances

Wednesday is Santa Lucia day, Swedish Festival of Light. Wednesday is also the first day of Hanukkah – eight-day Hebrew festival of Light. Hanukkah (meaning consecration, dedication) commemorates a miracle

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Nose To The Groin Stone and Simper Fi

Nose To The Groin Stone I’m a woman, and I recently made a new professional connection — a man who’s excited about my work. We’re planning on doing a big

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Sign of the Archer

Wednesday, is the feast of St. Nicholas, Greek bishop, healer, Wonderworker, model for today’s Santa Claus. After the dramatic tests and trials and Scorpio’s deep waters, Sagittarius is a breath

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Mercury Retrograde, Advent & Full Moon – Preparing the Heart

Around midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, Mercury turns retrograde (Sagittarius, 29 degrees) moving back to 13 degrees by December 22nd. It’s best to purchase ALL holiday gifts (sending cards early too)

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Destiny’s Problem Child


Charles (Darwin) In Charge

Q. I saw this gorgeous girl at the coffeehouse at the mall two months ago. It was totally love at first sight. I keep hanging out there hoping to see

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Relationships Take Work

Q. I’m a 35-year-old woman. I’m living with my boyfriend, who’s a freelance artist (talented but just getting started). We’ve been together for three years, and I am paying for

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From Scorpio to Sag, Mars to Jupiter to Gratitude

Tuesday this week, the Sun moved from Scorpio to Sag – a shift from Scorpio’s deep waters to the meadows, valley’s and plains of Sagittarius. We shifted from the eagle

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Goodwill Festival and the Equation for World Peace

Wednesday begins the week with a Libra moon – sign of creating Goodwill in our world. Thursday is Scorpio moon – sign of the mysteries and the call to discipleship.

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Wedding Duress

One ring is all anyone can wear at one time I’ve been living with my high-school sweetheart (from 20 years ago) for two blissful years. However, he’s still married to

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The Nine Tests of Scorpio

When the Sun is in Scorpio all of humanity enters into a time of Testing. Humanity is given Scorpio’s Nine Tests. An example of the tests, ancient yet relevant today,