Valentine’s Day Full Moon Lantern Festival

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Friday is Valentine’s Day, a full moon in dramatic Leo (Aquarius solar festival) and Chinese Lantern Festival. A creative multi-festival celebration – full moon Valentine’s Lantern Festival party. It’s best to give Valentine gifts and start festivities by 7 pm (west coast time). After that the night’s (the moon is) v/c and connections will be…

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – Reflection & Review

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By Risa D’Engeles Thursday, February 6th, Mercury makes its first 2014 retrograde (from 3 Pisces to 18 Aquarius). We’re familiar with generalized guidelines for Mercury retro. No major purchases, signing contracts, buying homes or cars, expectations of being heard/understood, strange driving and drivers, less and less understanding, messages not received, misunderstandings, etc. Mercury retrograde times…

Chinese New Year, 2014 — Green Wood Horse (馬 午)

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By Risa D’Angeles “…Wood gives unconditionally, giving itself to the fire ‘til there’s no more wood. This means there will be opportunities in 2014. And then they disappear.” Chinese New Year is China’s Spring Festival. Last week in the California woodlands, I saw the first blooms of quince — traditional on Chinese New Year altars….

Aquarius — Waters of Life Poured Forth For Thirsty Humanity

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By Risa D’Angeles The Sun is in Aquarius. The new Age is the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is Aquarius. The New Group of World Servers, at the threshold of each morning, stands together calling humanity’s Soul forth. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, “waters of life poured forth for thirsty humanity,” expresses the Soul of Humanity. The…

Water Spirits & White Magic — the Magical Work of the Soul

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By Risa D’Angeles “The water spirit said the waters of the world are so poisoned (due to human contamination) that the water spirits’ (they protect the waters) life-force is weakening, they are less able to fully contact the waters they serve (devas serve the world), and ‘drinkable water will soon become a rarity with all…

Eat, Pray, Barf

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By Amy Alkon My girlfriend and I just got back from vacationing in India, where we lived in an ashram (essentially a yoga camp) and she studied yoga and meditation for a month. Since we’ve been back, she’s been wearing a sari everywhere, which stands out completely here, and she greets everyone by bowing and…