The Shoo Must Go On

By Amy Alkon |
Amy Alkon

I’ve been dating this guy long distance for six months. He’ll often fail to return texts for an entire day or even a few days. I keep breaking up with him, but he keeps apologizing, acknowledging that he can be “distracted” and then offering convincing excuses or making me feel I’m overreacting. This is getting…

Remember the 4th Commandment

Posted by Jose Lopez |

On Mother’s Day – Venus in Cancer (the protector). Sun in Taurus (comforter), Aquarius moon (nourisher). Mother, the comforter (Taurus), nurturer, nourisher (moon). Mother’s Day (Sunday) this year, with Aquarius Moon, may be a bit unusual, Uranian, unexpected, unpredictable. My mother is no longer on the Earth to call upon, have dinner with, receive flowers…