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What We Want Often What’s Harder To Get

My friend and I are debating why it is that men don’t want you when you want them yet they’re all gung-ho when you aren’t interested. She believes that we

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Approaching Gratitude

Autumn is quickly approaching, with its many festivals of light. It’s only weeks now till Autumn Equinox, another summer passing, another season of light approaching. Notice the word “approach”, as

Advice Goddess

Couch-Hard Abs – Advice Goddess

Wife wants husband to sweat for her My husband has a great body, but since we got married two years ago, he has completely stopped working out. One reason I

Advice Goddess

Fight Or Flight — Advice Goddess

Stressed? Men need to zone out, women need to talk it out When my husband comes home from a stressful day at work, he likes to play shoot-‘em-up games on

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Total Solar Eclipse in a Mercury Retrograde

There is much talk about the upcoming eclipse Monday, August 21st. This is a rare second Leo new moon reflecting an eclipse 19 years ago. What happened then? Solar eclipses

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Art For Art’s Sake — Advice Goddess

Accepting gift from ex nothing more than kind thing to do A guy my girlfriend dated seven years ago is now an aspiring artist, and he gave my girlfriend one

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Topsy-Turvy World — Murcury Retrogrades in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo turns (stationary) retrograde Saturday, August 12th, at 6pm (west coast time) and lasts three weeks (till September 5th). For five days, as September begins, Mercury retrograde back

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Leo-Sirius Festival – the Heart of All That Matters

Monday, August 7, is a lunar eclipse, full moon (15.25 degrees Leo) and the Leo/Sirius Festival. At lunar eclipses, something in our outer material world disappears, it’s work complete. Leo

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Automation To Blame

Husband needs flashing arrow to keep towel off bed My otherwise wonderful husband always leaves his wet towel on the bed (on my side!). I’ve asked him to stop doing

Advice Goddess

No More Mr. Knife Guy — Advice Goddess

Background checks good only for false sense of security You’ve answered some questions about online dating recently, but I haven’t seen you mention dating sites that do criminal background checks.