When Harry Met Hairy

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Advice Goddess

By Amy Alkon My girlfriend of six months just stopped shaving her legs and armpits. I think she is so sexy — except for this. Recently, I asked her whether she’d shave again, and she snapped that shaving is time-consuming and the idea that women should remove their body hair comes from anti-feminist propaganda. I…

Spring Forward, Fall Back

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By Risa D’Angeles Jupiter is in the astrological news this week. Thursday Jupiter in Cancer ends a five-month retrograde (since November 2013). Jupiter is the personality-building helper (ruler) of Sagittarius. Jupiter is also the heart of the Aquarian Age. Receiving and distributing Ray 2 (Love/Wisdom) from a star in the Big Dipper, Jupiter at first…

Mercury Direct, Mars & Saturn Retrograde, Lent

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By Risa D’Engeles Friday morning (Feb. 28) Mercury in Aquarius turns stationary direct. Until Marsh 21 we remain under the shadow of Mercury retrograde. If we begin each day aligned with the Will-to-Good, Right Choice and Right Action come forth. As Mercury turns direct, Mars (actions) and Saturn (structures) retrograde. It’s like a game of…

Valentine’s Day Full Moon Lantern Festival

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Friday is Valentine’s Day, a full moon in dramatic Leo (Aquarius solar festival) and Chinese Lantern Festival. A creative multi-festival celebration – full moon Valentine’s Lantern Festival party. It’s best to give Valentine gifts and start festivities by 7 pm (west coast time). After that the night’s (the moon is) v/c and connections will be…