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Remember the 4th Commandment

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On Mother’s Day – Venus in Cancer (the protector). Sun in Taurus (comforter), Aquarius moon (nourisher). Mother, the comforter (Taurus), nurturer, nourisher (moon). Mother’s Day (Sunday) this year, with Aquarius Moon, may be a bit unusual, Uranian, unexpected, unpredictable. My mother is no longer on the Earth to call upon, have dinner with, receive flowers…

Wesak (Water) Taurus Solar Festival, Buddha Blesses the Earth

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April 20 to May 20

A most important celebration occurs Sunday, May 3, – the Wesak Taurus Buddha Solar Festival/full moon. At the moment of the full moon the Buddha’s presence enters the Earth plane for eight (8) minutes. He brings the Will-to-Good from the Father, which, when reaching humanity becomes Goodwill (Mother Principle). Held yearly in a valley hidden…