The Shoo Must Go On

By Amy Alkon |
Amy Alkon

I’ve been dating this guy long distance for six months. He’ll often fail to return texts for an entire day or even a few days. I keep breaking up with him, but he keeps apologizing, acknowledging that he can be “distracted” and then offering convincing excuses or making me feel I’m overreacting. This is getting…

Remember the 4th Commandment

Posted by Jose Lopez |

On Mother’s Day – Venus in Cancer (the protector). Sun in Taurus (comforter), Aquarius moon (nourisher). Mother, the comforter (Taurus), nurturer, nourisher (moon). Mother’s Day (Sunday) this year, with Aquarius Moon, may be a bit unusual, Uranian, unexpected, unpredictable. My mother is no longer on the Earth to call upon, have dinner with, receive flowers…

Wesak (Water) Taurus Solar Festival, Buddha Blesses the Earth

Posted by Jose Lopez |
April 20 to May 20

A most important celebration occurs Sunday, May 3, – the Wesak Taurus Buddha Solar Festival/full moon. At the moment of the full moon the Buddha’s presence enters the Earth plane for eight (8) minutes. He brings the Will-to-Good from the Father, which, when reaching humanity becomes Goodwill (Mother Principle). Held yearly in a valley hidden…

International Earth Day – Mother Earth Day

Posted by Jose Lopez |
April 20 to May 20

As more than a billion people participate in Earth Day activities every year, Earth Day has become the world’s largest civic observance. The massive concern to build right relations between humanity and the living being we call Earth is evidence of humanity’s love of the Mother. In 2009 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed April…

Pluto Retrograde, Aries New Moon, Lyrid Meteor Showers

Posted by Jose Lopez |

As the Lyrid meteors, radiating from the star Vega in the Harp constellation, begin showering heaven and earth with light, Pluto, planet of transformation (or die) turns stationary retrograde (Thursday, April 16), 15 degrees Capricorn. Retrogrades have purpose, allowing humanity time to review, reassess, research and reinvent while returning to previous situations. Retrogrades are times…