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Marcury Retrograde & Palm Sunday

Here we are in Spring now. A new livingness appearing. Its color is green. And so, each solstice and equinox, there is a festival in the zodiacal Mystery Temple. Each

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Shudder Speed

Satin Worshipper My parents said they’d give my fiance and me money for a wedding or for a down payment on a home. They aren’t wealthy, so my fiance and

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Flee-Bitten and Shudder Speed

Flee-Bitten For three months, things were going really well with this man I was dating. He’d introduced me to his daughter. We’d even planned a trip together. And then he

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Pisces to Aries, Spring (Ostara) & International Astrology Day

Here we are in our last days of winter and the last week of Pisces. Before the Pisces waters turn into the fires of Aries, let’s talk a bit more

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Seeking a Little Tenderness — Jupiter Retro in Scorpio

We have many planetary retrogrades this year – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Vesta & Chiron. Retrograde planets turn us inward; we become reflective upon our lives, our

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Remaining Chased and Pedal To The Settle

Remaining Chased I have a history of terrible relationships that end in awful heartbreak. The advice I keep getting is to date down — get together with a man who

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Whim Chill Factor


Full Metal Jackie

Whim Chill Factor A guy I know through mutual friends finally asked for my number, claiming he’d like to see more of me. I was elated, but he never called.

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Festivals and Celebrations Under the Full Moon

We have many festivals again this week, all occurring on Thursday. Chinese New Year, Full Moon, Purim, Holi. Chinese New Year always ends at full moon with the hanging and

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Waity Issues


Crime of Compassion

Waity Issues I’m a married gay woman. Whenever I ask my wife to discuss some problem in our relationship, she’ll say, “Can we talk about this tomorrow” (or “later”)? Of

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Pisces – Two Fishes Saving the World

We are under the light, love and influence of the Lords of Pisces, sign of two fishes held together by a silken cord, one looking toward heaven, the other looking