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Go Fly a DIY Kite!

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Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft March 22 marked the 24th anniversary of an event dear to Mary Poppin’s heart: “Art with an Altitude” Kite Festival at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. This was my first time attending the festival, and the experience taught me a lot about fancy thousand-dollar kites as well as inexpensive ones made of plastic…

Mysteries To Restore the Earth

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By Risa D’Angeles Sun squares Pluto Thursday, 2:22 am west coast time. A challenging and potent transit for the day. Transformative. Summoning Persephone from the underworld. Gemini moon follows. Persephone has lots to say about things hidden, in darkness, seeking the light. Venus enters Pisces Saturday. Venus in Pisces – dancer, Illusionist, actor, sailor, fisherman/woman,…

Stopping the Cause of Rape: Rapists

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By Terrah Baker As someone who is supposed to report facts, I don’t like it when numbers don’t add up. While statistics show that 20 – 25 percent of women will experience rape or attempted rape in their lifetime, another well-respected study by Dr. David Lisak of the University of Massachusetts, Boston shows that only…

Combatting Sexual Assault and Victim Blaming

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“… Just cotton dresses. My stepfather would sometimes molest me after school until my mom got home from work. Later, when my boyfriend raped me in college, I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. We had just come back from watching a football game.” (Outfit inspired by a 19-year-old UofA student) By Terrah Baker The…

‘Level of Concern’ in Mayflower

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By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster “…Ann began making frantic calls to every agency she could find, always told ‘the level of concern’ was not sufficient to warrant action. No one would listen. No agency, or Exxon, would even take a report.” A year ago Ann Jarrell was living in a house she loved. She had saved for…

Re: “The Ax vs. the Icon” in Ark. Dem-Gazette

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Dear Free Weekly Readers, “What a diabolically evil editorial!” was my first reaction. On Sunday, March 23, the Arkansas Dem-Gazette came out with a super-warmonger editorial that seemed straight out of Pentagon Psy Ops’ playbook. The editorial was about the liberation of the Crimea, but did not mention the Crimea even once. Amazing! There was…

Art Experience Offers Free Art Therapy

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Staff Report As a part of the Art Experience’s art therapy programs for teenager girls, Pathfinders, each girl and her partner will create masks for use later in the self-reflection exercise. The Art Experience in Fayetteville is designed to offer youth a place for healing and growth through the expressive arts and play. Staffed by…

Farmer’s Market Charm and Products Are Back

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By Terrah Baker It’s that time in Spring many have been waiting for — the opening of the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market. The vendors are ready and this year is looking like another award winner for the small staff and board of the market, with new products and a little something for everyone. Choosing vendors is…

4-Lane Extension Inconsistent With City Plan

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Dear Fayetteville City Council, Strategic Planning and Mayor Jordan, I urge each one of you to be mindful of the City Plan 2030 when considering sweeping changes in building ordinance or committing to large infrastructure investments, such as the Rupple Road 4-lane extension. Recalling the first two goals of the City Plan 2025 and the…

Skin Cancer and Self Image

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Truths From Terrah

The idols of my youth had golden, brown skin that made dark, smokey eyes and blonde hair stand out in music videos and movies. The “I’m a white girl who just left the California beach” look was the hot ticket, which, for me meant my pale skin was not so desirable. My mom tells the…