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The Rape Election

By Laura Finley |

The responses GOP Nominee Donald Trump has given regarding his sexual assault allegations as well as those of his supporters, are deeply troubling.

A Milestone For America’s Culture

By James A. Haught |

Slowly, relentlessly, America’s culture is undergoing profound change. But the transformation mostly is under the radar, hardly noticed.

Made By Few Conference Moves to Bentonville

By Nick Brothers |
Courtesy Photo

A keynote speaker welcomes the crowd at Made by Few web design conference at the Ron Robinson Theater in Downtown Little Rock on Oct. 3, 2015.

Creatives, web developers and designers of all sorts, get your little black book planners, iPads, sketchbooks, or whatever you take notes on out.

Green Burial Proponents to Host Death Positive Festival

By Nick Brothers |

There’s a lot of living to do at this year’s Death Fest in Fayetteville.

From Brooklyn With Love: Matthew Henriksen To Read At Nightbird

By Richard Massey |
Courtesy Photo

Matthew Henriksen is the featured writer for October’s monthly Ozark Poets and Writers Collective reading at Nightbird Books Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Don’t blame him for being a bit dour. Writer Matthew Henriksen deals with some pretty heavy stuff, and if he has to “go there,” that’s just the way it is.

The Candidates & the Election – Our Test

By Risa D’Angeles |

As we come to the end of Libra and enter Scorpio, we move close to the time when, this election year, we are asked to make a final choice.

Native Harvest: Autumn Wild Edibles

By Amanda Bancroft |

Fall is well-known as harvest time, full of delicious food and delightful scents. Pumpkins are predictable.

Trump’s Tailspin

By Dane La Born |
Dane La Born

I’ve spoken many times over the course of this election season about what a circus it has become.

The Final Days Of Donald Trump

By Mel Gurtov |
Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump delivers remarks during a rally at Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Twp., Pa. on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. (Christopher Dolan / The Citizens’ Voice via AP)

Until a few weeks ago, historians of the U.S. presidency were fixed on Donald Trump’s meteoric and unpredictable rise.

Festival of Joy (Sukkot), Building Shelters, & the Full Hunter’s Moon

By Risa D'Angeles |

Saturday is the Full Hunter’s moon which means it’s the Libra solar festival (23 degrees Libra).