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Review: The Walking Dead, Ep. 6 “Consumed”

By Dane La Born |

This week on The Walking Dead, the further adventures of Carol and Daryl!

Review: Constantine, Ep. 4 “A Feast of Friends”

By Dane La Born |

Constantine’s biggest problem at this point is consistency. It’s a little understandable, considering the behind-the-scenes drama that happened before the show even made it to air.

Review: The Flash, Ep. 5 “Plastique”

By Dane La Born |

The Flash is such a welcome vacation from the dismal trips taken to Arrow or Gotham, where everything is super dark and serious, all the time. The Flash is fun.

Along Came Polygraph

By Amy Alkon |

On the success-in-crime scale, this is like getting picked up by the cops for bank robbery — because the bank manager spotted you making off with that pen on a chain.

New Pathways, Rhythms & Ways of Being

By Risa D’Angeles |

The week is filled with heavenly squares, triangles, rectangles, lines and conjunctions as the planets accelerate their interactions with each other.

Reclaim Armistice Day and Honor the Real Heroes

By Arnold Oliver |

More than a few veterans, Veterans For Peace among them, are troubled by the way Americans observe Veterans Day on November 11th.

He Deserves A Flagging

By Rachel Birdsell |
Rachel Birdsell

In California, a high school student, Derek Giardina, was punished for omitting the words under God while leading his school in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Future of Plastic

By Amanda Bancroft |
Amanda Bancroft

Plastic has been a familiar friend around the house and a terrible terror around the globe, creating a more convenient lifestyle for many people and a big problem for the environment and people alike. Yet the future of plastic may be more moldable than we once thought. From plastic-eating microbes to new forms of oxo-biodegradable…

Get to Know Your Elected City Officials

By Nick Brothers |
shutterstock_148701734 2

As a way to prepare for the coming years with the new officials, here’s a quick bio about each of the candidates elected and their stated plans for what they hope to do with their new position.

The Turning of the Emerald Tide

By Nick Brothers |
Nick BrothersThe Free Weekly Managing Editor

Marijuana, whether medical or recreational in the states, appears to be picking up momentum as a reality in the U.S. Possibly within the next decade.