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Musician Benjamin Del Shreve Calls Poetry ‘Holy’

By Robert Laurence |

The multitalented Benjamin Del Shreve will be the Featured Writer at the next monthly session of the Ozarks Poets and Writers Collective. 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 25 at Nightbird Books on Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

Over Hills & Plains, Riding a White Horse, Bow & Arrows in Hand

By Risa D’Angeles |

The energies shift from Scorpio’s deep and transformative waters to the “hills and plains of Sagittarius”. Sag is the rider on a white horse, eyes focused on the mountain peaks of Capricorn (Initiation) ahead. Like Scorpio, Sagittarius is also the “disciple.”

Brooks Hummel Nature Preserve Something to Be Thankful For

By Amanda Bancroft |
Staff Photo Amanda BancroftBill Farrell, a master naturalist, removes bush honeysuckle from the Brooks Hummel reserve, located just behind Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville.

The City of Fayetteville contains one of the best-kept secrets (besides Mt. Kessler) for hiking within city limits.

South by Southwest

By Rachel Birdsell |
Rachel Birdsell

I’ve noticed that whenever someone talks about the South being full of racists, rednecks and other derogatory words that start with the letter r, there are inevitably southerners who are offended by the statement.

Scoot Force

By Amy Alkon |

If you aren’t European or a hipster married to another hipster, it’s a little dismaying when your husband’s new ride looks like it came in a pink package marked “Barbie doll sold separately.”

A Frozen Evening In Sunshine

By Dane La Born |

The Friday before Northwest Arkansas had it’s own frozen weather, a different kind of evening in the cold was going on.

Vinyl Revival: Block Street Records to Open Nov. 24

By Nick Brothers |

On Nov. 24, Fayetteville will see the return of a new record store coming to 17 N Block St., the exact location where Sound Warehouse operated for 30 years next door to JR’s Lightbulb Club.

Supergroup Revives Lost Dylan Lyrics

By Nick Brothers |

The complete recordings were finished in two weeks with 44 tracks recorded. The result is a pretty sweet collection of songs that range in variety of moods and sounds.

Review: The Flash, Ep. 6 “The Flash is Born”

By Dane La Born |

The show’s big story centers around a scary scenario for most scrawny nerds like Barry live in fear of; his childhood bully got superpowers.

Review: Gotham, Ep. 9 “Harvey Dent”

By Dane La Born |

Gotham is finding it’s footing, slowly but surely, but the more they insist on winking at the audience with these little bits and various nods to the future, the less believable this entire thing becomes.