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Stop the Killing in War-Torn Syria

By Robert C. Koehler |
In this photo provided by the Syrian Civil Defense group known as the White Helmets, Syrians carry a victim after airstrikes by government helicopters on the rebel-held Aleppo neighborhood of Mashhad, Syria, Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016. With diplomacy in tatters and a month left to go before U.S. elections, the Syrian government and its Russian allies are using the time to try and recapture the northern city of Aleppo, mobilizing pro-government militias in the Old City and pressing ahead with the most destructive aerial campaign of the past five years. (Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets via AP)

Maybe half a million dead, half a country — 10 million people — displaced from their homes, jettisoned onto the mercy of the world.

Bulldozer Health to Host Benefit Concert

By Nick Brothers |
Photo Courtesy of Wicked Monstah Photography

ARIBAND performs during a Bulldozer Health benefit concert at historic Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Mass.

A local health organization will be hosting a benefit concert and networking opportunity for attendees to get in touch with alternative health care provi

Fayetteville’s Literary Festival Set To Begin Oct. 17

Posted by Nick Brothers |
Courtesy Photo

Louis Sachar, best known as the author ofHoles, is the keynote speaker for the True Lit literary festival this year, which begins Oct. 17.

The Fayetteville Public Library’s annual True Lit festival returns in its fourth year, featuring author talks, writing workshops, pitch sessions, art displays, and more.

Where Is That Wasteful Government Spending?

By Lawrence S. Wittner |
Courtesy Photo

Wasted money, wasted lives, or maybe both. That’s the promise of increased military spending.

A Good Beginning

By Kathy Kelly |

It seems that some who have the ears of U.S. elite decision-makers are at least shifting away from wishing to provoke wars with Russia and China. In recent articles, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Thomas Graham, two architects of the U.S. Cold War with Russia, have acknowledged that the era of uncontested U.S. global imperialism is coming…

Aloha, Autumn!

By Amanda Bancroft |
Amanda Bancroft
Making Ripples

Fall is like saying hello and goodbye all at once.

Michaelmas, Libra New Moon, Rosh Hashanah

By Risa D’Angeles |

Thursday, September 29th, is Michaelmas, Feast of St. Michael, honoring Archangel Michael, protector of the Earth during Autumn.

A Mile In Somebody Else’s Choose

By Amy Alkon |

I’m a woman who’s on the feminist dating app Bumble, where women have to make the first move. Men can only write back to women who message them. I thought this would be empowering, but even pursuing a guy in this small way feels unsexy and overly aggressive. Do I just need to get over…

The Bikers of Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2016

By Nick Brothers |
Photo by Lauren Husband Photography

We hit up Dickson Street with a notepad and a camera and talked to bikers and festival attendees at random so we could learn about who makes the festival what it is on a micro level.

What Do You Mean by ‘Real Americans’?

By Nick Brothers |
Nick BrothersThe Free Weekly Managing Editor

Just about every American politician uses the phrase, “real Americans.” I’ve heard it plenty this election season, and most recently at the first presidential debate. This phrase irks me.