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Simplicity – Preparing for Thanksgiving

By Risa D’Angeles |

When we study and apply astrology in our daily lives, we are anchoring new Aquarian thinking. Study, application and use of astrology, understanding its language, builds the new world, the new culture and civilization.

Sweeping Beauty

By Amy Alkon |

It was so much easier when we only wore fig leaves and you could just rake next to the bed.

NWA Spay and Neuter Services

By Amanda Bancroft |

If your dogs or cats live outside, tend to wander, or are feral cats, the best way to continue loving and feeding them without contributing to ecosystem imbalance, euthanasia of offspring, and increased rabies and other diseases transmissible to and from wildlife and humans is to have pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

World Peace Now! Part 1: Understanding Terrorism from Paris to Baghdad

By Abel Tomlinson |
World Peace Flags

The recent Paris attacks look to plunge the world yet further into a downward spiral of death and Constitutional destruction. Is peace possible?

Nos Coeurs Sont Avec Paris

By Dane La Born |
Courtesy Photo

Paris turned out their lights in mourning (they’re known as the city of light) as rest of the world lit their major landmarks with the red, white and blue of the french flag.

Here we are again. One hundred and thirty-two people are dead in Paris. More are injured. The city of light and love shut off its lights in mourning.

Review: Fallout 4 & Rise Of The Tomb Raider

By Dane La Born |
Courtesy Photo 
Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise Of The Tomb Raider is a phenomenally beautiful game. The technical work on things as simple as Lara trudging through the snow, or light sandstorms… It all just builds a true, palpable universe that you are dying to be a part of.

Arkansas Folk Artist Celebrated in New Book

By Nick Brothers |
ON THE COVER Courtesy Photo/Flip Putthoff Ed Stilley, who spent his life building handmade instruments for children near Hogscald Holler, Ark., poses with one of his guitars late in his body of work. Stilley is the subject of Kelly Mulhollan’s new book, "True Faith, True Light: The Devotional Art of Ed Stilley."

Ed Stilley, a definitive frontiersman farmer from Hogscald Hollow, Ark., is on a mission from God.

Islamaphobia Is Not The Answer, Governor

By Nick Brothers |
Nick BrothersThe Free Weekly Managing Editor

This past Monday, Nov. 16, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced that he will oppose entry to Syrian refugees to Arkansas.

Senator Tom Cotton, Your Pants Are On Fire

By Nick Brothers |
FILE - In this Nov. 4, 2014 file photo, then-Sen.-elect Tom Cotton, R-Ark.  waves at his election watch party in North Little Rock, Ark., after defeating incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor. Forty-seven Republican senators warned Monday that any agreement the Obama administration strikes with Iran to limit Tehran's nuclear program may be short-lived unless Congress approves the deal. In an open letter to Iranian leaders, Cotton and 46 other Republicans said that without congressional approval, any deal between Iran and the U.S. would be merely an agreement between President Barack Obama and Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

Lucky for all 2.9 million of us Arkansans, Tom Cotton is one of our senators and therefore represents us on a national level.

Repurpose 11 November

By Tom H. Hastings |

The origins of Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day, were all about ending war, marking the signing of a ceasefire to begin to halt the destruction of World War I.