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The United States is No. 1 – But in What?

By Lawrence S. Wittner |

American politicians are fond of telling their audiences that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Is there any evidence for this claim?

Going to War

By Rachel Birdsell |
Rachel Birdsell

Earlier this month, MMA fighter, War Machine, tried to commit suicide while in jail for assaulting and raping his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, in August.

Unusual Pumpkin Projects

By Amanda Bancroft |

If you love pumpkins but are tired of the “usual” pumpkin activities that accompany autumn like flocks of honking geese, here are some untraditional things to do with a pumpkin!

National Financial Literacy Needs to be Addressed

By Nick Brothers |
Nick Brothers - The Free Weekly Managing Editor

By far one of the biggest ongoing lessons I’ve had to learn by experience as I continue to keep aging away from youth is one thing: money management.

Haunted: The Ghost of Clara Muxen and Ozark Folkways

By Nick Brothers |

Earlier in the evening as I entered the half-decade-old, robust Ozark Folkways building in Winslow, Ark., the stories of different paranormal activity in the building already had my stomach tightening up like rigor mortis.

Ferguson Movement Comes to Fayetteville

By Dane La Born |
Photo Courtesy of Tina Gaston

Northwest Arkansas residents take a stand in solidarity for those involved in the events of Ferguson, Mo.

Early Saturday morning, Oct. 25, as hog fans began pouring onto campus from every part of the state, something decidedly different was taking place just a short walk from the stadium.

Fayetteville Public Library Celebrates the Numbers

By Nancy Hartney |
Courtesy Photo

As the community turns toward FPL’s 10th Birthday Bash on Mountain Street, we give a collective glance back to our library numbers.

Future Southern: An Interview with The Bright Light Social Hour

By Nick Brothers |
Courtesy Photo
The Bright Light Social Hour are known for their incendiary live shows that merge their influences of multiple iterations of psychedelic and southern rock. The band consists of Curtis Roush (left, guitar/vocals), Jack O’Brien (center, bass/vocals), and Joseph Mirasole (drums). They tour with Edward “Shreddward” Braillif (synths/guitar).

There’s a lot to be said about the southern psychedelic rock band The Bright Light Social Hour.

Review: The Flash Ep. 4 “Going Rogue”

By Dane La Born |

I need The Flash to stumble and fall, just so I can feel like I’m being fair in my reviews.

Review: Gotham, Ep. 6 “Spirit of the Goat”

By Dane La Born |

I find myself half-praying every time Gotham comes on, that this episode will finally unlock the show’s potential.