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The Bikers of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue 2014

By Nick Brothers and Lauren Husband |
STAFF PHOTO ANDY SHUPE - Bill Lemser and Kandy Kuykendall of Amity kiss before heading out on their motorcycle Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, at the 15th annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville.

In an effort to avoid a general bird’s-eye view of the festival, a different approach was taken to get to know who makes the festival what it is: the people. Or in this case: the bikers.

Pickin’ on Mulberry: Harvest Music Fest to Begin Oct. 16

By Nick Brothers |

Grab your banjo, get your wife, and get your kids too, because Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival is starting up on Mulberry Mountain Oct. 16-18.

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman

By Rachel Birdsell |
Rachel Birdsell

I want to thank all of you lovely readers for the encouraging emails you send, both those filled with praise and those filled with poison. They are all welcome.

The Wonderful White-tailed Deer

By Amanda Bancroft |

There are at least fifty species of deer found throughout the world, including elk, caribou, and our familiar white-tailed deer.

End the Outing

By Laura Finley |

No one should have the right to out another person, celebrity or other, as gay.

Gotham, Ep. 2: “Selina Kyle” Review

By Dane La Born |

I enjoyed my time in Gotham, but it was more like the second time one visits New York City for me this time around. I saw all the sights the first time, this time I noticed all the not-awesome of it.

Avett Brothers Rock the AMP

By Lauren Husband |
Staff Photo Lauren Husband: The Avett Brothers live at the AMP, Sept. 26 2014.

A beautiful, breezy, almost perfect evening on Friday, Sept. 24, the crowd was already in good spirits for the Avett Brothers performance about to be underway.

To Leech According To Her Needs

By Amy Alkon |

You need to establish a new house rule: “Residents and their guests can experience only one climate at a time.”

Green Moral Licensing

By Amanda Bancroft |
Amanda Bancroft

The danger is “moral licensing,” or the idea that one’s self-perception of being a good person will make one less inclined to perform good actions in the future.

4 Must See Shows This Fall

By Nick Brothers |

In an effort to help you expand your musical palette, here’s a list of some artists you should most definitely lend your ears to and go see.