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The Future of Frisco Trail

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A couple walks the Frisco Trail in Fayetteville. The trail covers most of central south Fayetteville and can be used to get downtown spots like the square and Dickson Street.

The City of Fayetteville will be hosting a community input meeting to gather public input on the proposed Frisco Trail extension to Walker Park

Wedding Her Whistle

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Amy Alkon

I just turned 26, and I’m ready to be married. My previous two boyfriends dragged their feet and then said the blood-boiling line: “I will marry you … someday.” I met a guy online, and we initiated a relationship on the basis that he was ready for marriage. Four months after our first kiss, I broke up with him after he, too, expressed hesitation about marriage.

Arizona, Now with 20% More Crazy

By Rachel Birdsell |
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Arizona, you continue to embarrass yourself. Just chill out already.

June Full Moon

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Two weeks ago at the Gemini new moon Solar Eclipse, something subjective, internal, invisible and essential ended. Endings also proclaim new life and realities emerging. The Gemini Festival is also the Festival of Humanity, and the force invoked is the Force of Reconstruction, an extraplanetary energy.

Grace in the Unexpected

By Blair Jackson |

Blair discusses her prejudice of Evangelical Christians.

sUgAR Gallery Update

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In June, sUgAR Projects will present “Scarcity” an exhibition of works by Shih Hwa Lee.

An Uphill Battle

By Joyce Hale |
Photo Courtesy of April Lane: An natural gas rig sits atop an Arkansas hill.

The greatest dangers in fracking, and the lack of standards that perpetuate them.

Goodbye Letter

By Blair Jackson |

Free Weekly Editor, Blair Jackson, says her Goodbyes to Fayetteville.

20 Feet to a Bikini Bod

By Rachel Birdsell |
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Searching for that perfect weight-loss program? Look no further! Rachel’s got a plan.

Surf De Soleil

By Evan Barber |
Courtesy Photo: Surf De Soleil band members Scott Love, Philip Shepherd, Jared Thompson, Nate Korth, and Cody Nielsen. The group is releasing their debut album Friday, May 25.

Profile of indie band Surf De Soleil