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Making Ripples

Meatless Every Day

New burger targets those who love them AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Meatless meat, dairy-free dairy, eggless egg substitute — what is this world coming to? Hopefully, a better place. Reducing

Advice Goddess

Tales From The Lopside

My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship (for almost four years) that works very well, talking daily and seeing each other every two months. The problem is that

Risa's Astrology

Honoring Mother

Sunday is Mother’s Day. The moon is in Virgo – ultimate sign of the perfect organized mother. It’s also the sign ruled by Mercury – so communication with mother is


If The Glass Slipper Fits

‘A Kid Like Jake’ looks at love, parenting and gender identity BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Jake is 4 years old, about to make the transition from preschool to kindergarten. His biggest

Cover Story

Some Pain, All Gain

Athletes overcome medical challenges to win CHIP SOUZA Sawyer Price could hear the loud pregame music pumping through Tiger Arena in Bentonville as he hurried to his car. With

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

May 10 (Friday) Artist Demo — Daaman Porcelain, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. May 10-12, Crystal Bridges Museum Store in Bentonville. Free. 657-2335. Bentonville Film Festival — “The Amazing Spider-Man,” 1 p.m.;


Taking Art To The Streets

Chalk joins mediums of choice in Eureka Springs LARA JO HIGHTOWER Sandy Royce Martin, chairwoman of the Eureka Springs Arts Council, says that adding the Chalk Art Festival —

In The News

BFF: Braced For The Future

Bentonville Film Festival imagines better world MELISSA GUTE Special to The Free Weekly The Bentonville Film Festival, which debuted in May 2015, was pulled together in just four months, surprising

Family Friendly

Watch And Learn

Juggling festival hits new heights in Eureka LARA JO HIGHTOWER Galen Harp is passionate about juggling. Though he didn’t officially discover juggling until he was an adult, the co-founder


Three Minutes, Three Questions with Violinist Patrick Conlon

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Patrick Conlon is clearly a trusted contributor to the Fort Smith Symphony: He was accorded 23 minutes of the season’s final concert to premiere a new piece