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Wake Up And Smell These Coffee Shops

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Doomsday Coffee (1378 N. College Ave.) pushes the coffee envelope with a Snickers Chocolate and Coffee concoction.

LARA JO HIGHTOWER Coffee fans — or fiends — rejoice! Fayetteville is up to its eyeballs in independent coffee shops. You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these favorites. Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters WHAT — This venerable coffee company has been a Fayetteville favorite since 1992. Arsaga’s has racked up a slew of awards…

Pieces Of Present, Past Combine in Museums, Galleries

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Just because the great crystal giant is the big kid on the block, don’t think American art is all Northwest Arkansas has to offer. There’s a wide variety of both history and art throughout the metroplex. Fayetteville Underground WHAT — A nonprofit organization, the Underground promotes the visual arts by collaborating with the community, supporting…