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The Great Outdoors Is As Close As Downtown

Posted by Tony Reyes |
NWA Democrat-Gazette/ANDY SHUPE Residents hike through Rock City along the trail on Mount Kessler in Fayetteville.

NWA Democrat-Gazette/ANDY SHUPE
Residents hike through Rock City along the trail on Mount Kessler in Fayetteville.

You can’t study all the time! At some point, you’re going to need some clean, fresh Arkansas air to help clear the cobwebs out of your head. Try these beautiful Fayetteville spots on for size when you’re ready to leave the library behind for a few hours.

Wilson Park

WHAT — Located at what is, essentially, the center of town, this 20-plus acre park was Fayetteville’s first public park and includes basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic areas and a Hammock Hotel — a circle of sturdy posts to tie your hammock to.

WHERE — 675 N. Park Ave.

INFO — 442-2641

BONUS — Artist Frank Williams’ gorgeous concrete castle, located in the northeast corner of the park, is a lovely backdrop for deep thinking.

The Mount Sequoyah Cross

WHAT — Constructed in 1936 and located at the top of Mount Sequoyah, the cross gives you a bird’s eye view of the UA campus and the city of Fayetteville.

WHERE — 150 N. Skyline Drive

INFO — 443-4531

BONUS — Time your visit for sunrise or sunset for the maximum “ooh” and “ah” factor.

Mount Kessler

WHAT — Intrepid explorers can hike or bike the roughly seven mile Mount Kessler Trail to the summit, 1,854 feet above elevation.

WHERE — Hikers and bikers can access the trail at the Smokehouse trailhead (located roughly at 1725 S. Smokehouse Tr.) or a the Kessler Mountain Regional Park (2600 WC 200).

INFO —444-3471

Lake Fayetteville

WHAT — With 194 acres of lake available, those that love to boat and fish will be in heaven at Lake Fayetteville. Two trails — a 5.5-mile nature trail and a 4.3-mile hard surface trail — allow walkers and joggers to exercise with a beautiful backdrop.

WHERE — 1330 E. Lake Fayetteville Road

INFO — 444-3471

The Razorback Greenway

WHAT — The Razorback Greenway links bikers and walkers from the Fayetteville downtown area to Bentonville’s downtown square through a system of trails that wind through 37 miles of city and rural locales.

WHERE — Visit for a detailed map of where you can access the trail system.

BONUS — You can find a lot of fuel for the 37-mile trip — restaurants that are easily accessible from the trail include Arsagas at the Depot (548 W. Dickson, Fayetteville), Apple Blossom Brewing Company (1550 Zion Rd., Fayetteville), The Steam (107 E. Emma Ave., Springdale), Crepes Paulette (213 NE A St., Bentonville) and Blue Fresh Fish Marketplace (607 SE 5th St., Bentonville). Just don’t forget about the trip back.

— Lara Hightower

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