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Yes Virginia There is a Police State

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“Secret Service ran jamming devices so that all cell phones in the area went straight to voice mail but could not connect, again interfering with protesters’ (and uninvolved neighbors’) ability to communicate with each other and the press…” By Lynn Fitz-Hugh Hyperbole? You decide if this is how you believe the police should behave when…

Down On His Luxe

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By Amy Alkon I’ve always loved surprising my wife with expensive jewelry and lavish vacations. However, I lost my job, and my new job pays far less. There’s barely money for necessities, let alone luxuries. My wife has been very supportive, reassuring me, “I’d love you if you were flat broke,” which makes me feel…

Lost Am I In Light Supernal, Yet On This Light I Turn My Back

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By RisaD’Angeles We’re under the Light of Capricorn, the Light of Initiation. Capricorn is the 2nd of “two gates,” — Cancer (Gate into matter [womb]) and Capricorn (Gate back to Spirit). In Capricorn we’re unicorns (holy ones) on the mountaintop (high holy place of the Mind). At first in Capricorn we’re sea goats (makara, water/earth…

Quality of Life Overview for Arkansas, Washington County

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By Terrah Baker It is said that the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that it’s there. That’s why each year since 2011 the Arkansas Community Foundation — with a mission to build community by “engaging people, connecting resources, and inspiring solutions” — releases a county-by-county look at the quality of life within…

No Regrets

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By Rachel Birdsell The other day, a friend and I were having an email discussion about regrets. More specifically, we were discussing me having an affair with a married man, and if, at the end of my life, I would regret not having one more than I would regret having one. While I had no…