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Skin Cancer and Self Image

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Truths From Terrah

The idols of my youth had golden, brown skin that made dark, smokey eyes and blonde hair stand out in music videos and movies. The “I’m a white girl who just left the California beach” look was the hot ticket, which, for me meant my pale skin was not so desirable. My mom tells the…

Travel on a Budget — With a Purpose

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By Terrah Baker Have you ever wanted to travel while making a positive difference and not spending your next three months rent, possibly leaving you homeless? If you’re human, and a part of the large majority of working class citizens, most likely your answer is “yes.” We humans have a need for change, excitement, exploration,…

Know Your Enemy: Ignorance

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. By Abel Tomlinson Let’s face it. We are all ignorant about many things. However, not all ignorance is created equal. If you know next to nothing about the molecular chemistry of vitamins yet still believe vitamins are…

Serf’s Up!

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Advice Goddess

By Amy Alkon My boyfriend works at a hardware store and can fix things, and in the past six months, his sister and her husband have asked him to install their new kitchen faucet, mend their fence (with the husband’s help), and assemble a lawnmower. They are lawyers and could afford a handyman. Instead, they…

Blues in the Natural State

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Blues 1

  WIN TICKETS: For one lucky Free Weekly reader, Blues in the Natural State attendance is on us. Get a chance to win two weekend passes and a gift certificate to Jose’s? by emailing ( or texting (479-387-8794) your name and favorite musician on the line-up ( by March 28. Winner announced March 31. By…