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Bearded Beauties Pose For Calendar

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The beard. Everything about it screams “model calendar.” Well, maybe not, but that didn’t bother Scott Hutcheson and friends, creators of the Northwest Arkansas-based First Annual Beard Calendar for 2014. It all began back seven years before the beard calendar, when Hutcheson moved to St. Louis and took on photography. There, he had an abundance…

Chinese New Year, 2014 — Green Wood Horse (馬 午)

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By Risa D’Angeles “…Wood gives unconditionally, giving itself to the fire ‘til there’s no more wood. This means there will be opportunities in 2014. And then they disappear.” Chinese New Year is China’s Spring Festival. Last week in the California woodlands, I saw the first blooms of quince — traditional on Chinese New Year altars….

Native and Ever Green

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Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft “Evergreen trees play a big role for wildlife in your backyard during winter, so it’s important to understand our native evergreens to promote the best habitat we can for native species.” Readers Ask: Are evergreen trees really native to Arkansas? People have different interpretations of the term “native”, but if it was…

SWEPCO Says Need For Reliable Power Outweights Concerns

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Editor’s Note: In response to the Administrative Law Judge’s approval of SWEPCO’s new powerline, this is what one SWEPCO rep. had to say: We are certainly aware of the many concerns about this project. We will work hard to complete the project in a responsible manner that will minimize the impact while serving the needs…

Outbreak of Indie, Alternative Ozark Music Streamed Free

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Outbreak in Ozarks 2

By Terrah Baker From the makers of Eureka Springs Zombie Invasion, and in collaboration with Outbreak.FM, Outbreak in the Ozarks is a new radio show highlighting the underground, indie and alternative music that the Arkansas, Missouri Ozark region has to offer. The show is hosted by local deejay Jeff Danos (Testube), with episodes clocking in…