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Local Chef Pushes Vegetarian Slider, Wins National Competition

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 “All I really did was facilitate it and put the recipe out there. It took an army of Northwest Arkansas friends and family to get us there.” — Jeremy Gawthrop   By Terrah Baker Judges at the Second Annual US Foods Next Top Product Competition in Last Vegas proved what winner, chef and co-owner of…

Songs For The Blue Marble

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By Robert Laurence Donna Stjerna has written, oh, seven hundred songs. More or less. Love songs, gift songs, Ozark songs, tree songs, therapy songs, heirloom songs, peace songs, justice songs. And more and more these days, environmental and ecological songs. “Deep ecology,” she calls it. She sings alone and, for seventeen years, as part of…

Premiums High For Middle Class Americans Hoping Dust Will Soon Settle

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By Terrah Baker“This is like Christmas,” one attendee of an informational meeting on the Affordable Health Care Act held at Fayetteville Public Library said. “I can’t believe this is real.”This Fayetteville resident had struggled for more than six years to find affordable health insurance due to a pre-existing condition and being laid off from her…

Musical Legends Of Fayetteville Release 2nd Album

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Earl and Them

“Earl Cate, Arkansas native and one-half of the acclaimed Cate Brothers, exemplifies the kind of world class talent you can find right on Fayetteville’s fabled Dickson Street.” — (The Roots Music Authority) Staff Report The second album of Earl and Them, the Fayetteville-based blues, rock & roll, Americana band, is now ready to hit…