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Events, Shows and Sales Offer Unique Holiday Experience

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Alternative Gift Market

By Terrah Baker Finding unique gifts and holiday events can be challenging in the uniform isles of convenient and department stores that cover cities throughout the U.S. While chain stores stock their shelves of overseas-made goods and entryways with underpaid Santa Clauses, local organizers are planning several events in December that will offer a chance…

Free Portraits To Those In Need

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On Saturday, Dec. 7, photographers and other volunteers around the world will gather for the fifth annual Help-Portrait event. In 2009, Help-Portrait began as an idea that transformed into a movement in just three months. The idea behind Help-Portrait is simple: 1. Find someone in need, 2. Take their portrait, 3. Print their portrait and…

House of Blurbs

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Flannel John’s Cookbooks for Guys (Although Applicable to All Sexes) What started as a bit of a lark for fishing and hunting friends, has blossomed into a cottage industry and an eight-book series for author Tim Murphy. One year after the release of his first book, “Flannel John’s Hunting & Fishing Camp Cookbook,” Murphy now…

Living Thankfully — For Each New Morning With its Light

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Thanksgiving is Thursday (it’s Hanukkah, 8-day Jewish Festival of Lights). Mercury in Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer – a cosmic message (Mercury) of thankfulness (Jupiter). Let us begin a ritual of Living Thankfully in the coming days & weeks. Let us remember to perform actions today (tomorrow, etc.) that we will be thank-full for in…

Northwest Arkansas Eco Villages, Part One: Urban

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Making Ripples

  By Amanda Bancroft Readers Ask: “Are there eco villages or sustainable communities (rural or urban) in the Northwest Arkansas area?” Answer: Yes, but it’s complicated: communities can change fluidly, and their degree of true sustainability will vary greatly. First, check the online directories to get an idea about what’s out there — not only…

Ephemeral Shrines Exhibition At The Depot

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  Staff Report Arsaga’s The Depot off Dickson Street is launching its winter programming with an exhibition of recent work by Little Rock artist Lakey Goff Sanford. The show is titled Ephemeral Shrines, and is curated by Kat Wilson. It consists of Sanford’s sculptural headpieces, displayed in commanding photographs taken by her husband Dero Sanford….