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Jupiter Retrograde

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  Jupiter is a planet that expands all of us, increasing our experiences, knowledge and understanding of life, representing optimism, growth, generosity, joy, and abundance. Jupiter in Cancer (sign of nurturing one another) turns stationary retrograde Thursday, November 7th (retrograde 120 days till March 10th, 2014). Jupiter’s retrograde motion makes a tiny loop in the…

Carnival Cruz Line

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Curious Crow

“Here’s what I know about Ted Cruz … And not one person in his close circle is encouraging him to seek psychological help.” By Rachel Birdsell So, about this Ted Cruz fella’? I haven’t figured out his game other than he’s the male version of Sarah Palin, minus the glasses and annoying wink. Where did…

Spreading The Ancient Art Of Fiber Work

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By Terrah Baker Have you ever stopped and wondered how each shirt and pair of pants in your overstuffed closet was made? What if, like all generations before the industrial revolution, you had to make each, individual item? It would make sense then why people in the 1800s and early 1900s on average had only…

Leave the Leaves

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Amanda Bancroft

Making Ripples Q&A: Do you have a question about sustainable living? We’d like to help! Ripples strives to be a community of collaborative learners who care about making a difference and sharing knowledge to enhance our ability to walk lightly on the planet. We want to know what you’re interested in learning more about. Send…

Fur And Leather Always Wears Better

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Chilly Weather Layering Made Easy With Classic, Favorite Materials This fall and winter season, as always, layering is practical and looks very stylish. My personal style preference is “simplicity is always the best concept!” That’s why this chilly season I’ve chosen to put my focus on fur and leather. These fantastic sturdy materials are definitely…