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U.S. Policy Breads New Generation of Threats To National Security

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Some Relevant Numbers: 12 years in Afghanistan, 10 years in Iraq 100’s of American bases in the Middle East 5 mega-bases expected to be left after drawdown 50,000 U.S. contractors currently being paid to support the “war” 3.5 to 5 trillion dollars spent by American people on the war 200,000 troops were in the Middle…

Urban Farm Builds Community Food Web Model

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By Terrah Baker It was about a year ago that Tri Cycle Farms held its First Annual Pesto Fest. Local pesto aficionados came together with their best recipes and joined the community in music, pesto tasting, donating and a silent auction. The community, urban farm teaching people how to “grow community through soil” looked ready…

Festival Supports Film Makers And Industry In NWA

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By Terrah Baker The film industry in Arkansas is blooming, said Offshoot Film Fest organizers. Professionals dedicated to the art of film making are working in Arkansas to create talent from top notch film education programs, enact legislation that supports film making, and bring creative outlets for artists already here. The Offshoot Film Festival held…

Libra New Moon Festival – Let Choice Be Made!

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It’s a rather unusual, possibly irrational and unexpected week, with things unforeseen, unanticipated and unpredicted occurring. We may experience a subtle nervousness and anxiety due to Uranus interacting with the Sun and planets. Sun/Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries – creating all things unexpected and new with finance and relationships. Friday (Libra new moon…