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Benefit Fayetteville Youth With Center Fundraiser

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SEFCC Hosts 2nd Annual Celebrate Our Kids BanquetStaff Report In every town there is a generation of children looking for a source of productive, safe and low-cost entertainment. Thanks to government and community cooperation, these places became reality with the opening of city community centers. Fayetteville is no exception. The Yvonne Richardson Center was constructed…

Nature May Cause Drinking Water to Taste, Smell Strange

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House of Blurbs Staff Report Some customers may detect a taste or odor issue with drinking water right now, while others may not. Regardless, it’s important to remember that the water is still safe to drink, says Alan Fortenberry, P.E., Chief Executive Officer for Beaver Water District. “In the summertime, conditions in Beaver Lake promote…

Creating A Waterfall of Beneficence

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It’s almost Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Festival of Ingathering Light celebrations. Thursday is possibly one of the kindest, most loving days of the year. Venus in Scorpio trines Jupiter in Cancer. It could also be the most nourishing and most passionate. Let’s observe and help create this day for others — offering love, kindness and…