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Child Abuse Cases Go Up, Along With Need For Advocates

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By Terrah Baker Child abuse in NWA keeps going up, said director of development & marketing for the Court Appointed Child Advocate (CASA) program Julie Lolley. According to the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence, numbers rose from 3,670 cases of child abuse in Arkansas in 2011 to 4,528 in 2012 —…

Fear And Loathing And Lathering

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“Ol’ Ricky always reminds me of my favorite verse from the Bible, ‘And the Lord looked down on Santorum and said to just about anyone who would listen, ‘What a moron’….That’s a paraphrase.” By Rachel Birdsell Rick Santorum filled the airwaves recently with a profound statement, and by “profound,” I mean idiotic. It seems that…

The High Voltage Bridge from Nowhere to Nowhere

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Special Contribution By Mikel Lolley AEP/SWEPCO is requesting the Arkansas Public Service Commission (PSC) approve a 345,000 volt transmission line from Benton County to Carroll County, carried atop 180-foot tall towers, requiring a 150-foot wide swath of denuded right-of-way, and cutting right across the most scenic part of the “Natural State.” The cost, about a…

Go Off-Grid in 7 Steps

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Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft Recently, I connected with, whose slogan is “Skills you need now for the tough times ahead.” It isn’t an extensive website, with only three free videos posted currently, and the main focus is a Christian call to a country lifestyle in order to avoid the upcoming city apocalypse. That message is…