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House of Blurbs

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Goodwill Towards Career Seekers People in northwest Arkansas who need assistance finding a job are invited to attend the Goodwill Industries of Arkansas’ Career Center orientation held every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. inside the Goodwill retail store in Fayetteville at 3105 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. During the career center orientation, Goodwill’s career specialists…

REfreshing Fayetteville With Community-Supported Murals

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By Terrah Baker There’s something that Fayetteville wants, needs, but has had trouble fostering in the past. It’s something that supporters say will brighten the landscapes, express the community spirit and beautify currently run-down locations. Something that can employ creative people, build camaraderie and usher visitors to the heart of Fayetteville. Only one thing fits…

Locally Made, Quality Art At Affordable Prices

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Staff Report From its cheerful sidewalk flower garden and bright turquoise paint job to its funky old-time interior, Heartwood Gallery does not look like a typical gift shop. But inside you will find what gallery member Janet Greeson calls the “best kept secret in Fayetteville” — an abundance of locally-made, quality art at affordable prices….

Candy Skeletons, Copal & Marigolds

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Thursday is Halloween. Hopefully “something ‘wicked’ our way comes.” It’s also Samhain – Irish Gaelic festival marking the beginning of winter (“darker half” of the year) and harvest’s end. In ancient times bonfires were lit for warmth and protection. During these days, the veils between worlds thin and spirits roam about. We set a place…

Eel Wielding Clowns

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By Rachel Birdsell Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Love the costumes. Love the creepy factor. Love the decorations. However, should said costumes, creepiness or decorations involve clowns in any way, I do not love them. In fact, I do the opposite of love them. But clowns are about the most common thing that…